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IMPORTANT: State Requirements - WISCONSIN

Each establishment must have at least one certified food service manager who has passed an approved exam.
Certification Renewal -- Every 5 years - must take a state-approved recertification course.
NEHA Training is the Regulator's Choice® for food manager and food handler training. The NEHA course successfully prepares food safety managers to pass any ANSI-CFP* nationally accredited certification examination - including the National Restaurant Association (ServSafe®), Experior®, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®. More importantly, the materials are presented in ways that ensure both managers and handlers will remember the food safety principles long after training has taken place. After the course you will be provided with contact information to register to take an ANSI-CFP approved exam.
The NEHA Food Safety Management Principles Certification Training Course is an APPROVED recertification course by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. This course is also APPROVED for the training portion of initial certification requirements. .
Food Handler's Safety
 $15.00 3 CREDIT HOURS
This course will take you through the fundamentals of food safety. By the time you have finished this course you should have a better understanding of what food borne illnesses are, how they are caused, and what you can do to help prevent them.
NEHA Food Safety Management Principles Certification Training
 $75.00 10 CREDIT HOURS
This course supports all those who are preparing for certification as a Food Safety Manager. This certification, which is accredited in the United States of America by the Conference for Food Protection and the American National Standards Institute, is a benchmark for the food industry and part of a global standard in food safety education.
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